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Why use Sell for you?

At Sell for You, we sell your goods for you on eBay, so you don't have to. Sell for You will achieve the best possible sale prices for your items, as we know exactly how best to present, market and advertise your goods on eBay whatever they might be. With over 15 years of eBay trading history, we know the market better than anyone.

We charge a commission for successful sales, and nothing if an item doesn't sell.

Our clients always come first and service and efficiency are as important to us as they are to you.

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What can we sell?

Sell for You can sell just about anything. We deal with everything from furniture to fashion, cars to kitchens, and everything else in between. The only criteria we have, is that individual items should expect to sell for £100 or over. We'll advise on what will or won't.