We operate on a commission basis

When we sell your item, you receive the full amount of the final sale price minus Sell for You commission, and also eBay’s own fees at cost relating to your sale.

Our fees are 30% of the first £250 of a sale, then 20% thereafter. Fees are calculated per item on the gross selling price, and are subject to VAT'.

Unlike other eBay sellers, we never charge for a call out, or for listing goods on eBay. If we're not good enough to make you money, we don't think we should get paid either.

eBay's own fees

eBay charge for using their site. We do pass these fees over to our clients at cost. eBay’s fees can be seen here in detail, however in short you should expect those fees to be between 12-15% for successful sales, depending on what type of item is being sold and how the buyer pays for it - fashion and technology are typically the main categories charged at the upper end of the spread. There is no additional VAT on eBay's own fees.


We charge a fixed £300 fee for vehicles selling under £5000, £350 for those selling between £5000-£10000, and £400 for those selling over £10000, plus the usual eBay fees at cost. We like to use Auto Trader for vehicles as well as using eBay, as we find that can be an excellent marketplace for cars too. Fees are generally around the £50 mark for advertising vehicles until sold using both sites.